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  • HT Panel Installations
  • HT Cable Installations and Termination.
  • Switchgears and LBS Installations.
  • Transformer Installation and Termination


  • LT Panel Installations
  • LT Cable Installations and Termination.
  • Capacitor Banks, Lighting and Grounding.
  • Transformer Installation and Termination

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading electrical engineering contractors carrying major
HT / LT installations in Andhra Pradesh.

We are gaining recognition as service providers of wide range HT and LT lines installations. For our valued customers, we ensure the quality services with experienced staff and innovative technology. We thrive to provide HT and LT services with excellence, safety and economical cost to our valued customers.

Residential Services:

  • Material Estimations.
  • Conduit Installations for Slabs and Walls.
  • Cable Tracing, Circuits Identification, Installations and Terminations.
  • Test and Inspect wiring for safety and efficiency.
  • Electrical Appliances installations.
  • Install repair/ replace interior or exterior lighting system.

Commercial Services:

  • Material Estimations.
  • Conduit Installations.
  • All wiring works including installations, terminations.
  • Cable Inspections, Test and tracing of circuits for safe operations.
  • Electrical Panels, Breakers and other devices installations.
  • Services for Distribution Panels, Power Panels and Sub- panels.

We perform all types of electrical services from maintenance to installations. Our team has experience with different kinds of electrical projects in residential and commercial sites who work efficiently and  provide excellent result gaining reputation for our company since past 4 years.

Industrial Services

  • Appliance testing and tagging.
  • Electrical Data Logging.
  • Plant and machinery installations.
  • Fault Finding and trouble shooting.
  • Transformer Installations and Terminations.
  • Power Panels, Distribution Panels Installations.
  • Power and Control Cables Installations and Terminations.

We offer wide range of industrial electrical services here at Ampleton Power Solutions to help you keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Our team prospers in providing safe and exceptional quality services.

Solar Service

On Grid Solar Systems:

  • Residential Roof Tops Solar System Installations and Services.
  • Commercial Roof Tops Solar System Installations and Services.
  • Industrial Roof Tops Solar System Installations and Services.
  • Solar Panels Supply and Maintenance.
  • Solar Water Heaters Supply and Maintenance.

Raising electricity charges and electricity blackouts now got a solution in the name of Solar System. Now, most homeowners, shops, and industries choose to go for the installation of solar power plants without any doubt. We are a leading Service Provider of On Grid – Industrial Rooftop Solar System Installation Service, Residential and Commercial Rooftop Solar System Installation Service, from Kurnool, India.

Low Voltage Engineering Services

  • Security Systems:

We provide a smart way to wire up all of your CCTV surveillance elements such as cameras and monitors. This smart wiring will help to maintain the security system and watch the live feed from the comfort of your bedroom or Kitchen. Video Door Bells provides the view of people appearing at the door steps.

  • Fire Alarm Systems:

The Fire Alarm alerts the people present in the residence or office in case there is a fire in the building. We provide services to install and commission fire alarm system like smoke detectors and fire alarms.

  • Communication and Networking Systems:

Computer Networks are an integral part of the modern household or office. Internet has became a basic need for everyone. Providing low voltage wiring using UTP cables and connecting them to electronic devices such as cameras and sensors are our specialties.

Engineering Consultations

We provide comprehensive demand assessments, Sustainable Electrical Energy Designs, Estimates for Supply and Utilities, Electrical Designs for wiring and  appliances installations for residential, commercial and industrial sites. Providing wide range of HT, LT and Solar authorizations.