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Ampleton Power Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Ampleton power Solutions Pvt Ltd is Service based company having Electric, Solar & HVAC as its Primary areas of service. We are the company with focus on power issues and their technical solutions.

Ampleton power Solutions Pvt Ltd sets its goals to play a major role in the rapid growth of green energy i.e, solar energy, Efficient power line designing & execution and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning).

Ampleton Power Solutions is a Solar & Electrical Company Founded in May 2018 & run by bunch of enthusiastic technical experts. We act as consultants, designers and take up execution according to client’s requirements.

Ampleton Solar & Electricals aims to cover more roofs with solar panels to save environment and save notable amount of money. Solar has been the solutions for many power issues throughout the world.

Our Key Features:

Specialized Design Capabilities. Putting Clients in First place.

Project management. Safety & Quality.

Our Core Values:

Client is our priority, Ampleton is committed towards providing high and consistent levels of service to its clients. It subscribes to the philosophy that our clients are the reason we exist. Our reputation is one of the most valuable assets and critical to our success. To safeguard our reputation and our brand, we hold ourselves to standards of ethical behavior that go well beyond the legal minimums.

Our Professional Achievement:

In a span of One year we have completed installation of over 135 sites in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka States. A few noteworthy glimpses of our services are:

Ampleton Solar & Electricals has been noted by the cliental for its technical proficiency.

Ampleton Solar & Electricals has performed its timely project execution which was identified and acknowledged the customers all over the Mandya District , Karnataka.

Ampleton Solar & Electricals, being the beginner in solar industry have took up 1Megawatt DC electrical work and completed in the stipulated time and awarded excellence service letter from the client.


  • Free Power for next 20 Years.
  • Flexibility to convert the SPV On-Grid System into Off-Grid System and operate independently.
  • Can claim income tax benefits of depreciation on solar  installation and Solar Installation Charges can be reimbursed over a period of time in the form of tax benefits.
  • Low maintenance required.

Our Promises:

  • Two years of service warranty from Ampleton Power Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Monthly System health Checking during the warranty period.

  • Minor Maintenances.

How Does this Work?

Installation of Solar is as simple as stated below!

 Step 01: Site inspection by Ampleton Team.

 Step 02: You will be provided detailed technical report, Savings & Benefits of Solar Installation.

 Step 03: Approvals from DISCOM Authorities.

 Step 04: Proceed to Installation.

(Note: Approvals from DISCOM is our scope of work.)